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Welcome to Camp Maui

-Welcome to Camp Maui
-Experience a different kind of aloha
-Go camping at a state or nationally ran campground
-Quality Camping Kits and reasonable rates

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Planing your camping trip is easy as 1... 2... 3...

1. pick your state or national ran campground..
2. Deiced on camping kits and extras..
3. Grab some grinds and hit the road...

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-Enjoy a safe and Happy camping trip in Maui Hawaii

-Uutilizing state and national parks
-Low impact on the environment and the beautiful Aina of Maui
-Quality equipment at reasonable rates.

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Find us on Facebook and Yelp!!

-Updates on campers stories and pictures
-Reviews and testimonials from campers
-Monthly specials and friend discounts

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Contact Us

-Questions and answers
-Opinions on the environment
-Make a reservation: (808) 344-7931

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Camping Kit Starting at $39.95!

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Ruff’n It Kit

All the basics with quality equipment, allowing average persons to enjoy Maui in all its beauty.

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All Essential Camping Kit

Mid level kit with extras to ensure a more enjoyable camping experience. Includes the S'more snack.

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Kapuna Kit

All the comforts of home for those wanting the ultimate camping experience.

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Backpack Kit

For the adventurous types wanting to combine hiking and staying in the cabins atop Haleakala s crater.

What We're All About

Mission Statement


In Oct of 2006, I pain-stakingly planned a trip unlike no other to Maui. I would not be staying in an average condo, hotel, or awesome house on the beach. Instead I was going to go camping and hiking across the eastern half of the island. This web site is dedicated to helping persons who are willing to step off the beaten path, not just accept another normal vacation and live and experience Hawaii in all its natural beauty.


CAMP MAUI has been renting it’s kits on maui for over 6 years now. We invite you to checkout our new look web site, Yelp and also on our Facebook page to see whats new with Camp Maui.

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Here at Camp Maui we promise to provide you and your family only a great, safe and fun adventure that will help lesson the impact that humans have on nature and the remarkable impact that it has on us. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at (808) 344-7931

Renting camping equipment - Guidance and survival tips - Food and dining suggestions

(808) 344-7931
Monday Through Sunday: 8am - 7pm